BCHE 4520/6520 - Design of Biochemical Separations Processes


  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 4
  • Chapter 5
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  • Chapter 1
    Lecture - Course Introduction

    Chapter 2
    Figure 2a - Noise in Chromatogram
    B.1 Solution

    Chapter 3
    APV Homogeniser General Brochure
    Operation of a Batch Homogenizing System
    Multiple Pass Homogenization
    Micro Gap Valve
    Article "Microbial Cell Disruption by High-Pressure Homogenization"
    Plots for Multiple Pass Homogenization
    Article "Yeast Flocculation: What Brewers Should Know"
    Test #1 Equation Sheet

    Chapter 4
    Photos of Diatomaceous Earth: 1 2 3
    Photo of Plate and Frame Filter
    Schematics of Plate and Frame Filters: 1 2
    Example 4-1 plot
    Example 4-2 problem statement
    Example 4-2 Volume and Pressure Plot
    Example 4-3 statement
    Example 4-3 pump characteristic
    Example 4-3 plot
    Example 4-4 statement
    Example 4-4 plot
    Problem D2 Solution
    Problem D4 Solution
    Filtration Selection Article
    All about Solid-Liquid Separation
    Video of Nutsche Filter A
    Video of Nutsche Filter B
    Test #2 Equation Sheet

    Chapter 5
    Schematic of Tubular Bowl Centrifuge
    Photo of Tubular Bowl Centrifuge
    Schematic of Disc Centrifuge
    Photo 1 of Disc Centrifuge
    Photo 2 of Disc Centrifuge
    Example 5-1 problem statement
    Example 5-2 problem statement
    Video of Disk Stack Centrifuge A
    Video of Disk Stack Centrifuge B
    Video of Inclined Settler A
    Video of Inclined Settler B

    Chapter 6
    Example 6-1 problem statement
    Example 6-1 plot
    Example 6-2 and 6-3 problem statements
    Example 6-4 problem statement
    Article about Liquid-Liquid Extraction
    Photo of External Liquid-Liquid Extraction Column
    Photo of Internal Parts of Liquid-Liquid Extraction Column
    Schematics of Solid-Liquid Extraction Units
    Video of Karr Extractor
    Video of Tenova-Bateman Solvent Extraction Plant
    Video of Podbielniak Centrifugal Extractor

    Chapter 7
    November 27 - Chromatography Introduction, Isotherms
    November 29 - Batch Adsorption Experiment; Example 7.1
    December 1 - Modeling Fixed Bed Adsorption Dynamics

    Other Material:
    Example 7-1 problem statement
    Example 7.1 Solution Graphical
    Example 7.1 Solution Numerical
    Breakthrough curves for Linear Isotherm
    Example 7-2 problem statement
    Example 7-3 problem statement
    Example 7-3 Plot

    Chapter 8
    Problem 8.5 Solution

    Chapter 9
    Example 9-1 problem statement
    Example 9-3 problem statement
    Example 9-3 problem solution
    Example 9-4 problem statement
    Crystal Systems
    Forced Circulation Crystallizers: Schematic Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3
    Draft Tube Baffle Crystallizers: Schematic Photo 1 Photo 2
    Circulating Liquor Crystallizers Schematic Evaporative
    Circulating Liquor Crystallizers Schematic Vacuum Cooling
    Bauer article 2001
    Bauer article 2008


    Biological Manufacturing Facility A
    Biological Manufacturing Facility B
    Biological Manufacturing Facility C
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