BCHE 6510 - Biochemical Engineering

Article Reviews

Each student is to read one article from the recent (2007 - present) scientific literature dealing with topics listed. The specific article chosen may be determined by the student. Make sure that the authors are actually studying the topic in a research investigation, and NOT reviewing the topic nor just using the topic superficially in the process of conducting research on another topic.

Write a 3-4 page summary and criticism of the article. Ideally, your summary will provide an engineering interpretation of the article. Include a copy of the article with your report. Like other written reports, the article reviews must be typewritten and double-spaced. Additional references are encouraged and should be listed in alphabetical order beginning on a separate page at the end of the review. Citations from web sites are also encouraged: federal government sites or sites of academic institutions are preferred, citations from other sources do not carry as much weight.

For advice on the preparation of a written report see Preparation of written reports.

AssignmentDue DateTopic
Article Review #1Wednesday, January 24, 2018Cell Nutrient Requirements
Article Review #2Wednesday, February 7, 2018Enzyme Inhibition
Article Review #3Wednesday, February 21, 2018Immobilized Enzymes
Article Review #4Friday, March 9, 2018Selected by Student
Article Review #5Wednesday, March 28, 2018Oxygenation of Bioreactors
Article Review #6Wednesday, April 11, 2018Selected by Student