BCHE 4510/6510 - Biochemical Engineering

Paper 1

Note: I want a hard copy of this assignment, not a digital 'copy'.

Students are to select an enzyme of industrial interest. It may be an enzyme which is part of a commercial product or it may be an enzyme which is part of a manufacturing process. Enzymes which do not apparently fall into one of these two areas may also be selected after approval of the course instructor.

Your task is to complete a term paper on the selected enzyme. The components of your report should include various aspects of the enzyme including its sources, functions, catalytic properties, chemical properties and sequence, its commercial production and use, any technical challenges in its production and use, and future prospects and needs for this enzyme. This is just a framework: some specific enzymes may have more or less topics which seem pertinent.

Through your report, keep in mind that this is an "engineering" course. Therefore, your report should highlight those aspects of the enzyme, its use and production, that are relevant to engineers. The report should be technical...which means it should be quantitative rather than just descriptive. You may be able to perform calculations with the information you have that lead you to cost estimates. Do not merely provide a bulleted list of items: the document must be your own critical analysis of the enzyme.

Your report must have detailed references. You should particularly include appropriate commercial references such as patents and technical specification sheets from manufacturers of enzymes. You are encouraged to seek input from the manufacturers and consumers of your selected enzyme. However, do not merely regurgitate information provided on a commercial website: the document must be your own critical analysis of the enzyme. You should view all information with appropriate skepticism.

For advice on the preparation of a written report see Preparation of written reports.